Most of us, at some point in our life, has tried weight loss. Some of us succeeded, some failed and some made a reversible progress. The question is, what is the difference in approach between these three categories?

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I think I’m the right person to answer this. Because, over the 4 years of transformation journey, I’ve been through all the three categories.

Category Type A : When I failed to make any progress

I’ve been overweight for most part of my life, till date. There was no reason why I should leave my comfortable life, struggle for weight loss & to shape myself up.

But I did had emotions. I felt embarrassed when I had to shop from Plus Size Store. Also, I felt bad about the comments from friends, class mates or relatives. I felt guilty while eating junk food. And much more.

Every time I felt bad due to these things, I promised myself to work on it. But the reason somehow never was compelling enough to continue for long. I mean, relatives are gone. So why not eat another Samosa they left behind? Maybe that will be an ideal revenge for the insult.

And therefore, all my efforts lasted 2-3 days and back to normal life, which was not normal.

If you can relate with this, continue further. If you do not, read for others. Maybe your family or friends?

Category Type B : When weight loss didn’t last enough

Unfortunate month of October 2018 gave me a reason to change things forever. A clear medical warning, “Either change your habits or eat medicines for BP”.

To be honest, it was a shock for me and a genuine, strong and compulsive reason for me to get out of the comfortable zone. And the journey started.

Everything was the same (in my life style) except the physical activities. I registered for annual GYM membership twice, Swimming class, Yoga class, Morning/Evening walk/jog, etc. Tried almost everything I had access to.

The good news is, with all these efforts I managed to loose 5 kilograms in 6 months. Never felt that proud of myself before. Everything seemed to be going as per plan until someone told me that results should be rewarded to continue for long term.

As a reward to my success, I stopped doing all these activities because I was pushing myself beyond my capacity and it was affecting me physically, mentally and emotionally. So I decided to rest for a while.

We all know the next part. I regained the lost weight within 2 months.

Category Type C : A change which became Habit

After the setback, I started finding reasons for my failure once again. I read different books, took courses, attended seminars, etc. And then, I started figuring it out. The principle of Calorie Balancing, The role of physical activity, Health v/s Weight Management and much more.

The problem was, that I was putting my effort on something which contributed less than 20% in weight loss, i.e. physical activity. So what is the solution?

I decided to give it another try. But with a different approach. This time, I focused on diet management (NOT DIETING).

Why? Because according to my research, it contributed 80% in weight management.

This time, I had the correct key with me. Result started becoming visible. Process was slow but satisfactory. It took me 18 months to loose 36 kilograms through Diet Management only. I was thrilled with the result. I refined my diet management strategy further and results were positive again.


It’s been 13 months now. I eat everything and live a normal life. But never regained weight. Nevertheless, I do play sports and, am looking forward to weight training for better health.

I did Diploma certification in Nutrition & Diet Planning to learn further. I am on a mission to change 1 Million lives in 2 decades.

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Ishika Roy · October 19, 2020 at 8:31 pm

I started doing it bt always get distracted by seen sweet. Can u give me some solutions for that????

    admin · October 19, 2020 at 10:03 pm


    1. You should understand that sweets are tasty but very bad for our health due to high sugar content. It will lead to obesity and Type-II diabetes in long run, if consumed frequently and in excess.

    2. Set small targets for yourself. Start with to avoid eating sweet after a certain time in the evening. Ex. After 7 PM. slowly increase this time frame. At last, limit it to once or twice in a month. Remember, continuous small steps is always better.

    3. Do not make targets like 100% elimination. It is not possible in today’s world.

    All the best!

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