Necessity is the mother of all the inventions.

Imagine a world with no schools, colleges or universities. But a digital space where notifications has replaced morning bells and laptop is the new bag, full of E-Books. What a cool education system it will be!

COVID – 19 has disrupted the traditional education system and therefore, in a way, forced us to choose digital education. It is a desirable change and a step forward into the new world of education.

But the question which bothers me today is, whether we will be able to bridge the already existing gap in access to education by all, in this new digital space?

Let’s watch a short movie “The Internet”, which shows ground reality of some unprivileged sections in our society.

The movie shows a school going girl, whose classes have been affected due to COVID-19. To continue her studies, she insists her father for a mobile phone. He is an uneducated person and does not appreciate the application of mobile phones in education and therefore denies her request.

Later, her uncle came to know about this and explained her father the role of internet in education. She got her mobile phone, but this is not the end.

Poor infrastructure and internet connectivity in remote areas were hindrance in her access to education.

This short movie highlights, the real problems like unawareness, connectivity, and inequality in access to education by all. Does this defeats the desire for the progress we talked above? Is it not a desirable change? Will this system, in its current form serve the purpose of Education to all?

To be honest, digital education can be the way forward, if all the stakeholders work their part to facilitate this transition into a new age education system.

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Samvedna Raj · October 25, 2020 at 2:08 pm

True facts! A story which has to be told , it’s a necessity.

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