4 steps to be fearless in life!

Do you fear your worst thoughts becoming true? Do you wish that few things should never happen to you or your loved ones? Well, almost all of us have many fears in life related to education, employment, finances, relationships, family, etc. Even the most successful people in the world have fears. But, the good news is that it is not a personality trait but simply a reaction, thus changeable. Continue reading to become fearless in life.

Before we dive straight into the steps to be fearless in life, it would be advisable to understand the fundamentals of fear. It will make less than a minute to read but will significantly improve the way you perceive your fears.

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Introduction to fear

If it has to be a one-liner, “fear is an emotion”. An emotion just like being happy, sad, joyful, shocked, depressed, etc. It’s an unquestionable fact. 

Some of you may be wondering that there are reasons why we’re happy, sad or depressed. If our fear is an emotion, is there any reason behind it?

Yes! There are reasons behind every fear. It is a natural trigger of self-defence against anticipated unpleasant or life-threatening events. While some of these triggers are genetically programmed as a response to common threats over the years, some are programmed by our day-to-day lifestyle and society. Fear of wild animals is genetically programmed while fear of losing fame is a result of lifestyle programming.

Therefore, it is natural for us to have fears anticipating unpleasant or threatening outcomes as a measure of self-defence. If someone claims that they do not have any fear, either they’re lying or they have some issues in them. 

So, how can we learn to be fearless if fear is a biological response to a threat? 

Well, to make things more clear, we can never be fearless in the literal sense but we can train ourselves to perceive, classify and understand our fears. It will help us to use fear as a tool to control our lives better.

Classification of fear

Fear can be broadly classified as “Fear of Reality” and “Fear of Opinion”

Fear of reality is based on a truth that is universal to everyone irrespective of everything.

Example: Fear of attack by a lion. In this case, there is a strong possibility that the lion will kill the person. It’s a universal truth that a hungry lion may attack humans and kill them.

Fear of opinion is based on a belief that we develop as a result of our upbringing, analysis, opinion or instructions. These are not universal in nature and thus, everyone may not have it as a common fear.

Example: Fear of failing university exam despite good preparation. In this case, the outcome is not definite. Someone may think that they’ll definitely pass since they’ve prepared well. 

Both of these types constitute together 99% of all our fears in life, be it related to relationships, career, education or even death.

4 steps to be fearless in life


  1. Accept that everyone has many fears in life. It is inevitable and completely natural to all. This will give you peace of mind.
  2. Classify it as a Fear of Reality or Fear of opinion. It may take some time to perfect the skill. But, once you build a habit to differentiate between types of fear, your life will never be the same.


  1. If it is a fear of reality, then do one of the following:
    • Eliminate the trigger (If you haven’t studied for your final exams, definitely you’re going to fail. Start studying!)
    • Brace yourself for the impact (If you fear that road accidents can harm you. It’s a fear of reality. Road accidents happen and sometimes they’re fatal. To prevent the impact, follow traffic rules and wear your seat belt.)
    • Be prepared (Sometimes, the fear may want you to be prepared and avoid the danger. Before starting a business, ensure you have enough savings for your family to live comfortably as long as it may take for the business to take off)
  2. If it is a fear of opinion, then do one of the following:
    • Change your belief – Try changing the way you look at things. Maybe your fear of failing an examination is right. There is a lot of competition and it’s a probability that you may fail! 
      But, even if you believe that you have prepared well for your exams and there are people like you who clears it, you will be more calm and relaxed. Instead of finding reasons for your failures, you’ll find reasons for your success.
      Acknowledge the probability. But, remember there is a probability to succeed as well.
    • Have trust – Sometimes, the situation may not be in your control. Either try to gain control or have trust in who has the control.
      Suppose you fear losing your girlfriend. Is it a reality or opinion? Definitely, an opinion as everyone in a relationship does not have this fear. Now, all the reasons may not be under your direct control. Some may be with her. So the only option you’re left in this case is to trust her. And accept the truth of probability.

Way forward to be fearless

Mastering the skill of being fearless will definitely take some time. You will need to sit down with your fears, embrace them and classify them to change your opinion. Once you know their type, you can implement the above steps to overcome them effortlessly. 

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