About Blog!

Hello everyone! I’m Piyush. Welcome to my Blog.

I have been a mediocre for most part of my life. I was below average in my studies, obese, had no good habits, short tempered, etc. To add further, I’m an Engineer not from IIT.

Still somehow, I wished to change things. Unfortunately, many of my attempts resulted in disappointment. But since I was convinced that “I don’t want to live my life like this anymore”, I somehow actually managed to change few things for good. Still, it’s a long way to go.

Why this Blog?

When I achieved some results, I started looking back for the reasons why I failed.

One of them was lack of guidance and community. Trust me on this. Despite the fact, that I’ve worked all alone till date and understand the role of self determination, I believe that journey become easy when we walk along with like minded people. We may or may not know them but friendship develops only when people share something common.

So, this Blog is all about it. I like writing and will share my experiences with my readers. Eventually, we will make a tribe of like minded people. Looking forward to host you. 😀